Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ok, so today we attempted (by we I mean me and my 3 year old!) to have a bit of a rushed card make (she wanted to make her Grandads birthday card) and I had a couple of bits that I had to make but not too pleased with them if I'm honest.

Ok, here they are ...

This is a wedding evening acceptance card
(didnt have any stamps or images that said
acceptance so hoping it doesn't matter lol!

I then made a card (knew I shouldn't have rushed) for my friends birthday but cant help but think it's missing something, maybe ribbon or something!?!?!!)

Lastly was a birthday card for my farther-in-law ...

Friday, 29 January 2010

Brithday Cards

Ok, so this has been my most recent make, some birthday cards for our twin Nieces. I think I may slowly get the hang of this!!!

Ok, this all seems very complicated to me so excuse the scattyness of it lol!

I am finally giving this whole 'blogging' thing a go after seeing everyones great ones so feeling inspired ... no idea how long it will last for lol!

Ok, heres a few of my makes so far ...

Here's some place cards ... these were my first make!

I then attempted to make some thank you cards following our daughters christening ...